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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

MATH4TO Topology

First Semester
10 points

This paper is an introduction to point-set topology, which underlies differential topology and algebraic topology, and is used all over mathematics (for example, operator algebra, functional analysis, topological group theory...). The main ideas are continuity of functions, and compactness and connectedness of sets. For example, you know that continuous functions take “nearby” points to “nearby” points. In topology, there is a way to formulate what “nearby” is without using a distance function.

Topology is very abstract. The entire subject is built from a few set theoretic definitions that can be used in a wide variety of situations. The purpose of this module is to give students the background in topology that they need to pursue higher level mathematics.


Math 201:Real Analysis


Astrid an Huef (Room 232A, phone 479 7760, email:

Internal Assessment

3 Assignments

Final exam

There will be a two-hour exam.

Final mark

Your final mark F in the paper will be calculated according to this formula:

F = max(E, (2E + A)/3)


and all quantities are expressed as percentages.

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