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If you have a disability, impairment, injury or medical condition that affects your ability to study, Disability Information and Support may be able to help you.

Students requesting special consideration for internal assessment must provide a signed declaration and provide supporting documentation as appropriate.

Resources for Math101

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2018 S2 Algebra Lecture Notes

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Algebra lecture 011065 K  
Algebra lecture 021525 K  
Algebra lecture 031031 K  
Algebra lecture 041271 K  
Algebra lecture 051179 K  
Algebra lecture 061135 K  
Algebra lecture 071150 K  
Algebra lecture 081385 K  
Algebra lecture 091667 K  
Algebra lecture 101077 K  
Algebra lecture 111171 K  
Algebra lecture 121519 K  
Algebra lecture 131724 K  
Algebra lecture 141120 K  
Algebra lecture 151181 K  
Algebra lecture 161467 K  
Algebra lecture 16, Applications of matrices (optional)165 K  
Algebra lecture 171795 K  
Algebra lecture 181448 K  
Algebra lecture 19945 K  
Algebra lecture 201229 K  
Algebra lecture 20, History of numbers (optional)784 K  
Algebra lecture 211157 K  
Algebra lecture 221264 K  
Algebra lecture 231114 K  
Algebra lecture 23 - Mandelbrot circle (optional)99 K  
Algebra lecture 241236 K  
Algebra lecture 251181 K  
Algebra lecture 261542 K  
Algebra lecture 271392 K  
Algebra lecture 27 - Applications of complex roots (optional)138 K  
Algebra lecture 281464 K  
Algebra lecture 291304 K  
MATH160 Algebra Outline Notes1651 K  

2018 S2 Assignment Long-Answer Solutions

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Assignment 1 solutions100 K  
Assignment 2 solutions154 K  
Assignment 3 solutions163 K  
Assignment 4 solutions144 K  
Assignment 5 solutions82 K  

2018 S2 Calculus Lecture Notes

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List of Calculus Topics & Resources1306 K  
Math160 - Calculus Notes6140 K  
Math160S2 Week1 Lec11771 K  
Math160S2 Week1 Lec21550 K  
Math160S2 Week2 Lec11929 K  
Math160S2 Week2 Lec21689 K  
Math160S2 Week2 Lec32413 K  
Math160S2 Week3 Lec13632 K  
Math160S2 Week3 Lec21892 K  
Math160S2 Week4 Lec11555 K  
Math160S2 Week4 Lec22498 K  
Math160S2 Week4 Lec32090 K  
Math160S2 Week5 Lec12424 K  
Math160S2 Week5 Lec22228 K  
Math160S2 Week6 Lec11989 K  
Math160S2 Week6 Lec22232 K  
Math160S2 Week6 Lec31409 K  
Math160S2 Week7 Lec11418 K  
Math160S2 Week7 Lec21866 K  
Math160S2 Week8 Lec11997 K  
Math160S2 Week8 Lec21800 K  
Math160S2 Week8 Lec32078 K  
Math160S2 Week9 Lec12079 K  
Math160S2 Week9 Lec21810 K  
Math160S2 Week10 Lec11302 K  
Math160S2 Week10 Lec21121 K  
Math160S2 Week10 Lec31371 K  
Math160S2 Week11 Lec12997 K  
Math160S2 Week11 Lec22467 K  
Math160S2 Week12 Lec12005 K  
Math160S2 Week12 Lec21584 K  
Math160S2 Week12 Lec31272 K  
Math160S2 Week13 Lec11381 K  

2018 S2 Exam

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Algebra MCQ sample problems695 K  
Exam Info S2 201835 K  
Exam Math101 2014 S2 with solutions2979 K  
Exam MATH102 2014 S2 (calculus)84 K  
Exam Math160 2012 S2601 K  
Exam Math160 2013 S1590 K  
Exam Math160 2013 S2637 K  
Exam Math160 2014 S1898 K  
MATH102 2014 S2 - Solutions403 K  
MATH102 exam front page392 K  
Math160 2012-2014 Answers141 K  
MATH160 exam front page392 K  
MCQ answer sheet634 K  

2018 S2 Notices

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Class Representatives33 K  
First lecture information2629 K  
PASS - peer assisted study sessions461 K  
Private Tutors 2018 2158 K  

2018 S2 Tutorials with solutions

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Tutorial01140 K  
Tutorial02199 K  
Tutorial03131 K  
Tutorial04127 K  
Tutorial05113 K  
Tutorial06128 K  
Tutorial07119 K  
Tutorial08159 K  
Tutorial09117 K  
Tutorial10129 K  

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