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If you have a disability, impairment, injury or medical condition that affects your ability to study, Disability Information and Support may be able to help you.

Students requesting special consideration for internal assessment must provide a signed declaration and provide supporting documentation as appropriate.

Resources for Math103

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2018s2 Algebra Lectures

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Algebra Lecture 3168 K  
Algebra Lecture 4224 K  
Algebra Lecture 5256 K  
Algebra Lecture 6162 K  
Algebra Lecture 7 Math160 Revision186 K  
Algebra Lecture 8222 K  
Algebra Lecture 9139 K  
Algebra Lecture 10273 K  
Algebra Lecture 11263 K  
Algebra Lecture 12292 K  
Algebra Lecture 13551 K  
Algebra Lecture 14300 K  
Algebra Lecture 15216 K  
Algebra Lecture 16310 K  
Algebra Lecture 17340 K  
Algebra Lecture 18469 K  
Algebra Lecture 19197 K  
Algebra Lecture 20355 K  
Algebra Lecture 21370 K  
Algebra Lecture 21 Induction template53 K  
Algebra Lecture 22408 K  
Algebra Lecture 23291 K  
Algebra Lecture 24319 K  
Algebra Lecture 25412 K  

2018s2 Calculus Lectures

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Calculus Lecture 1163 K  
Calculus Lecture 2234 K  
Calculus Lecture 3169 K  
Calculus Lecture 4388 K  
Calculus Lecture 5256 K  
Calculus Lecture 6250 K  
Calculus Lecture 7246 K  
Calculus Lecture 8248 K  
Calculus Lecture 9257 K  
Calculus Lecture 10231 K  
Calculus Lecture 11200 K  
Calculus Lecture 12252 K  
Calculus Lecture 13295 K  
Calculus Lecture 14235 K  
Calculus Lecture 15261 K  
Calculus Lecture 16253 K  
Calculus Lecture 17227 K  
Calculus Lecture 18233 K  
Calculus Lecture 19222 K  
Calculus Lecture 20336 K  
Calculus Lecture 21356 K  
Calculus Lecture 22253 K  
Calculus Lecture 23277 K  
Calculus Lecture 24329 K  
Calculus Lecture 25189 K  
Calculus Lecture 26235 K  
Calculus Lecture 27214 K  
Calculus Lecture 28267 K  
Calculus Lecture 29304 K  

2018s2 Course Notes

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Math170AlgebraNotes8304 K  
Math170CalculusNotes3532 K  

2018s2 Notices

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Good vs bad answers to handwritten questions112 K  
How to pass Math17061 K  
MATH103 exam front page402 K  
MATH104 exam front page399 K  
Math170 class reps semester 218 K  
MATH170 exam front page395 K  
Math170CourseInfo201896 K  
Private Tutors 2018 2158 K  

2018s2 Previous Exams

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Math170 2013 s2638 K  
Math170 2013 s2 solutions3203 K  
Math170 2014 s1726 K  
Math170 2014 s1 solutions194 K  
Math170 2014 s2620 K  
Math170 2015 s1731 K  
Math170 2015 s1 solutions144 K  
Math170 2016 s1355 K  

2018s2 Skills Tests Samples

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Math170 Test 1 Description83 K  
Math170 Test 2 Description87 K  
Math170 Test 3 Description84 K  
Math170 Test 4 Description79 K  
Math170 Test 5 Description82 K  

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