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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Impairment and disabilities

If you have a disability, impairment, injury or medical condition that affects your ability to study, Disability Information and Support may be able to help you.

Students requesting special consideration for internal assessment must provide a signed declaration and provide supporting documentation as appropriate.

Resources for Math151

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2018 Summer School

151 Exam Answers 2009 S140 K  
151 Exam Answers 2010 S142 K  
151 Exam Answers 2011 S144 K  
Private Tutors SS 201866 K  
Rules of Arithmetic115 K  
SampleTest 118 K  
SampleTest 1 solutions20 K  
SampleTest 275 K  
SampleTest 2 Solutions112 K  
Sample Test 321 K  
Sample Test 3 Solutions22 K  
Solutions Exam 20121405 K  
Tutorial 1 sample problems with solutions51 K  
Tutorial 2 sample problems with solutions54 K  
Tutorial 3 sample problems with solutions60 K  
Tutorial 4 sample problems with solutions50 K  
Tutorial 5 sample problems with solutions49 K  
Tutorial 6 sample problems with solutions52 K  
Tutorial 7 sample problems with solutions60 K  
Tutorial 8 sample problems with solutions58 K  
Tutorial 9 sample problems with solutions49 K  

2018 Summer School, course book

Math151Textbook2E3332 K  

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