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Recent News

Littlejohn award

Matthew Schofield received the Littlejohn research award at the 2017 New Zealand Statistics Association conference. The Littlejohn award recognizes excellence in research, based on publications during the five calendar years.

December 2017

Student award

Congratulations to Timothy Bilton who was recently judged joint winner of the student prize for his talk at the 2017 New Zealand Statistics Association conference. This follows from Timothy winning the prize for best student talk at the MapNet2017 conference earlier in the year. Congratulations Timothy!

December 2017

Student award

Congratulations to Heloise Pavanato who was judged as a runner-up in the student prize at the SEEM2017 conference. Congratulations Heloise.

December 2017

Wanted: maths graduates

October 2017

Mathematics in Industry

Graduate and undergraduate students in mathematics might find the article What Characteristics Make Mathematicians Suited for Industry useful. While the context is American, many of the observations apply for students working within NZ, where the adjustment is perhaps even more difficult.

August 2017

Karl Schwarzschild Prize

Vee Liem Saw has been awarded the Karl Schwarzschild Prize for the best overall contributed talk at the 3rd Karl Schwarzschild Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany. This is a remarkable achievement for a PhD student. Vee Liem spoke about mass loss due to gravitational waves in the presence of a positive cosmological constant.

July 2017

John Clark

The Department is deeply saddened to report the recent death on July 15 of Associate Professor John Clark. John was a long serving member of the Department having been appointed in 1970 and having retired in 2013.

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July 2017

Maryam Mirzakhani, Fields medalist, dies at 40

Maryam Mirzakhani, the world’s first woman to win the Fields Medal, passed away on July 15 after a four-year battle with breast cancer. She was only 40. See here or here for information about her life and work.

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July 2017

Early Career Research Awards

The outstanding work of Ting Wang and Tilman Davies has seen them both receive Early Career Research awards from the University of Otago. Congratulations to both!

July 2017

Welcome to Melissa Tacy

We are thrilled to welcome Melissa Tacy to the Department as a Lecturer in Mathematics. Melissa's research lies within the intersection of microlocal analysis, semiclassical analysis and harmonic analysis, and is particularly focused on quantum chaos. Most recently, Melissa was at the Mathematical Sciences Institute at the Australian National University.

July 2017

Lenette's retirement

Congratulations to Lenette Grant on her retirement. Lenette first started working for the University in 1964! She will be sorely missed by us all.

June 2017

Top referee

Boris Baeumer has received a citation for Excellence in Refereeing by Water Resources Research, the top journal in hydrology.

June 2017

Desmond Sawyer

The Department is saddened to note the passing of Desmond Sawyer, a former Chair of the Department, on 29 April.

Desmond served Otago well over three periods. He first arrived in Dunedin in 1948, after graduating MA from Cambridge in 1947 and winning the very prestigious Adams Prize the same year. As lecturer he joined three other members of staff in running a large number of courses with an obvious heavy teaching load and little time for research.

In 1952 he moved to University College of the Gold Coast (now Ghana) for two years of very productive research in convexity and the geometry of numbers, before coming back to Otago, gaining a Readership and shortly after the Chair of the Department at the age of 33.

After increasing involvement in administrative matters, Desmond resigned in 1964 to move to the new University of Waikato as Professor of Mathematics and Assistant Vice-Chancellor.

Finally Desmond returned to Dunedin in 1970, now as Professor of Pure Mathematics and Chair of the Department. He oversaw a rapid expansion of both student and staff numbers, and successfully met the challenges that this entailed while still maintaining a full teaching load.

Desmond retired in 1984.

May 2017

National maths competition a family affair

A story on the bulletin board outlines the good work of Warren and Chris Palmer putting together the Junior Maths Competition.

May 2017

He Kitenga 2016

The latest He Kitenga, the University's research highlights magazine, has an article about the Otago Relativity Group (Florian Beyer, Joerg Frauendiener and Joerg Hennig) in the light of the recent experimental discovery of gravitational waves.

February 2017

Editors' pick

A paper by Jorg Frauendiener in the 15 January 2017 issue of Physical Review D has been highlighted as an editors' suggested read. The paper discusses how to handle spatial infinity during the evolution of linearized gravitational field from past to future null infinity. Physical Review D is one of the top-ranked journals in particle physics, gravitation and cosmology.

January 2017